New Marble Flooring from Del Savio 1910

New Marble Flooring from Del Savio 1910

Del Savio Marmi marks the 110th. Anniversary of their founding with a considered re-branding and a timely collaboration.

Del Savio 1910 Marble Optic collection in bedroom

Henceforth known as Del Savio 1910, the company recently collaborated with the Zanellato/Bortotto studio to create the Opus Certum collection of Palladian marbleā€”an ancient artisanal technique that originated in Northeast Italy.

Del Savio 1910 Marble Dot collection in shower

The three Opus Certum designs bring together traditional marble with colored cement patterns. The result is a unique juxtaposition of straight lines and organic curves, muted earth tones and striking, vibrant shades.

Del Savio 1910 Marble Vague collection on floor with red curtains behind

To find out more, see Del Savio 1910. And visit Designer Pages Media for more marble flooring.

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