Smart Surfaces for Protection from Covid-19

Smart Surfaces for Protection from Covid-19

The pandemic is showing all of us how important it is to have good basic daily hygiene. This is especially true in kitchens and baths, as those areas tend to harbor the most germs. As part of our coverage of how the design community is addressing Covid-19, we’re previewing some K/B fittings and smart surfaces that can play a part in keeping these areas virus-free.

Smart Surfaces Lunada Bay tile backsplash variety of blues small rectangular tile in open kitchen

Sonoma Forge offers a couple of approaches to help keep germs at bay. Sans Hands CiXX is a gooseneck-style spout with a durable rustic finish and a hidden electromagnetic sensor for easy touch-free operation. It’s available in multiple finishes, but Rustic Nickel—protected with a clear powder-coat—has antimicrobial properties, thus providing an extra level of protection.

Smart Surfaces Sonoma Forge Sans Hands faucet three facuets close-up from side

The company’s Water Bridge Line offers an alluring antique look, with fittings for bath, shower, tub, and kitchen/bar. Rustic Nickel is also an option with this line, conferring the very same antimicrobial protection as Sans Hands.

Smart Surfaces Sonoma Forge Water Bridge rustic faucet

California Faucets also offers fittings with surface-level protection from a solid brass finish. The company’s Descanso and Davoli series are solid brass faucets with a sleek cylindrical curve for a modern look.

Smart Surfaces California Faucet Davoli series brass with chrome finish

Glass tiles are another wise choice to achieve cleanliness in the kitchen. Jim Stevens, Brand Manager for Lunada Bay Tile, explains that this non-porous surface material naturally resists mold and mildew, thus helping to combat the growth of microbes, bacteria, and germs. Here’s the company’s Tomei Modules, a large-format glass tile for a slick look that’s great for a backsplash.

Smart Surfaces Lunada Bay Tomei Modules large-format glass tile

Island Stone seconds the motion with the Glass Essentials line. A smaller format glass tile, Glass Essentials also provide a non-porous surface—helping inhibit growth of the various nasties we’d prefer to keep at arm’s length.

Smart Surfaces Island Stone Glass Essentials kitchen wall light blue hexagonal pattern

Taking inspiration from natural forms, Glass Essentials offers three rectangular and two hexagonal tile shapes in a variety of sizes and nine different colors.

Smart Surfaces Island Stone rectangular tiles in deep blue in kitchen

None of these products is laying claim to saving the world, but they do offer a much-appreciated degree of protection—“it’s at least a little comfort to know you’ve chosen a finish that doesn’t like germs.”

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