Viva Pop Tile!

Viva Pop Tile!

Pop Tile is a 15 x 15 cm porcelain tile that pops out at you with a dynamic energy and vivid color palette.

Pop Tile Ferrus style with 3-d rectangles in several colors in modern bathroom with hand-washing sinks

Made by Spanish company Vives, Pop Tile is designed as a versatile floor finish for a variety of commercial and residential locales.

Pop Tile Cavern Sixties Style of intersecting diamonds in palette of blue and white in open salon with nice yellow chair and brown curved sofa

The diminutive tile squares work great for bathrooms or bedrooms, public spaces or workspaces.

Pop Tile Carnegie style of geometric and linear shapes in muted tones on floor of hotel room

Pop Tile is slip-resistant. It also features a rectified edge, allowing integration with a variety of designs: “a unique calibration for using a combination of different models, all working with each other.”

Pop Tile Saville Style of white/yellow diamonds on background of wavy black/white lines in workspace breakroom

See Vives to explore the entire collection.  

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