SitOnIt Envoi Lounge

SitOnIt Envoi Lounge

Lean back and discover true flexibility with Claudio Bellini’s SitOnIt Envoi Lounge—“It moves you. It moves with you… a pure exposition of comfort meets motion.”

SitOnIt Envoi Lounge two chairs one gray midback one blue highback

The motion is at the intersection between seat and back, as Envoi offers an unparalleled lounge experience with an intuitive motion sensing function that helps you to find your comfort zone.

SitOnIt Envoi Lounge highback blue with man seated on it working on laptop next to small table

As the very first lounge with a flexing back, Envoi alters the lounge-seating paradigm, expanding its repertoire into new terrain. Whether working or lounging (or a bit of both), Envoi envelops users in plush comfort while offering safe seating with enhanced ergonomics.

SitOnIt Envoi Lounge man and woman in blue highback and gray midback chairs talking view from above

Options include mid- or high-back, three wood or metal base finishes, an auto-return cylinder base, and thousands of textile choices.

SitOnIt Envoi Lounge two mustard midback chairs in open office setting surrounded by workstations, chairs, ottomans, and low tables

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