Dixon Does Textiles

Dixon Does Textiles

The Tom Dixon Textiles Edit is a cool collection of three new textile designs: Stitch, Soft, and Dash.

Tom Dixon Textiles Edit Dash black and white throw detail

Showcasing detailed hand embroidery, Stitch offers a compelling presentation of asynchronous shapes on a solid background for a minimalist aesthetic that evokes natural forms—like a lone rock amid a snow-covered landscape.

Tom Dixon Textiles Edit Stitch throw two asynchronous circular shapes in shades of gray on cream background

Dash, another monochromatic offering, is similarly stark but no less compelling. The haphazard linear forms reflect topographic patterns while hinting at nature—an expressionistic rendering of a sunrise or a field of tall grass.

Tom Dixon Textiles Edit Dash throw with black linear shapes defining a sun-like shape on gray background

Soft is a virtuoso’s rendering in twinkling Technicolor. These resplendent cushions give off a tantalizing velvet sheen, made palpable by South African goat hair—a material said to be as valuable as gold.

Tom Dixon Textiles Edit Soft velvet on cushions in pink, yellow, green, and purple

The Textiles Edit features throws and cushions in various sizes.

Tom Dixon Textiles Edit Dash throw and cushion on black sofa with second throw on wall nearby

See Tom Dixon to find out more.

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