Batik Mosaics Represent a Resin Revolution

Batik Mosaics Represent a Resin Revolution

Who knew that a mosaic could be as light as a feather? Well, certainly they’re aware in Granozzo, Italy, home of Batik Mosaics, a resin-based product that transcends the limitations of this lovely medium.

Batik Mosaics behind bookcase different colored lines in geometric shapes

A “universal mosaic,” that’s “light, customizable, and easy to install,” Batik offers faithful image reproduction of different tile sizes, which can then be combined and mounted on a variety of surfaces.

Batik Mosaics in bathroom multi-colored design of different shapes with bold colors red orange yellow

The ultra-thin profile of Batik (2 mm) makes it ideal for surfaces that can’t bear much weight, so drywall and faux ceilings may now host imaginative mosaic designs.

Batik Mosaics in poster on wall of living room with talking lips and woman on the phone in comic book style

Additionally, the Batik Mosaics’ impressive lightness makes them moldable, meaning they can be mounted on convex or concave surfaces: living areas, bathrooms, kitchens, spas, and swimming pools, as well as external applications like facades, patio ceilings, lounge furniture, and doors.

Batik Mosaics on swimming pool floor blue and light blue tiles and dolphin

And the best perk is that any digital image may be used with options for shape, size, and color. Glossy and matte finishes are available.

Batik Mosaics in large picture form of African American woman displayed in dining room

Go to Batik Mosaics to find out more. And see Designer Pages Media for more innovative mosaics.

Posted January 14, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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