Alpen ThinGlass Glazing Improves Efficiency

Alpen ThinGlass Glazing Improves Efficiency

Manufacturer Alpen is doing their part to reduce the overall energy cost of buildings with their innovative Alpen ThinGlass.

Alpen ThinGlass view of three windows with cut-away showing interior of four panes

Made of three or four panes with super-thin 1mm center panes, the glazing utilizes krypton gas sandwiched between. For the triple panes, the resultant window is the same thickness as standard dual-pane windows with a 100% better R-value and a mere 12% additional weight.

Alpen ThinGlass three triple pane windows with cut away showing interior

Another advantage is for retrofits of historic structures. Alpen ThinGlass triples will fit in the same space as a double-glazed window, meaning the R-value of windows for older buildings can be doubled without having to re-fit the frame.

Woman holding large window with Alpen ThinGlass pane

Lastly, Alpen ThinGlass is competitively priced with standard triple-pane windows, translating to significant energy and cost savings. See Alpen Glass to read more.

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