Fraster Felt Rug Collection from Fraster and Unika Vaev

Fraster Felt Rug Collection from Fraster and Unika Vaev

Unika Vaev has collaborated with Denmark-based Fraster for a beautiful and eco-friendly option: the Fraster Felt Rug Collection.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection round red rug with colorful cone-shaped chairs on it in open office/reception area

Not only is the 100% Merino Wool material inherently sustainable (biodegradable and chemical free with zero formaldehyde and zero VOCs), it’s also completely homogenous, meaning it can be cut in any direction without fraying.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection long rectangular red rug with tall table on it in hospital common area

This allows designers to maintain a clean-edge detail for any form, so the rugs can be custom shaped to various specifications.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection gray rug with charcoal and black highlights/integrated shapes with sofa on top in room with bookshelves and spiral staircase

Users may design their own rug or select from Unika Vaev’s standard patterns. The collection of felt dyes is vast—40 colors and counting.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection custom rug in white, gray, and black with pattern of winter trees on small balcony overlooking open office seating

Additional possibilities include embedded company logos. All rugs feature edge stitching—colors may be chosen to match the base color or to create contrast. Slip-free backing is available as well.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection stitching detail three images with rugs in gray, orange, and red/orange

Of course, this wouldn’t be Unika Vaev if the rugs weren’t also sound-damping, thus enhancing the acoustics of any space.

Fraster Felt Rug Collection large orange rug in workspace with modular seating and tall table with light wood floors

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