Jacuzzi’s Arga: a “Swirlpool” Tub

Jacuzzi’s Arga: a “Swirlpool” Tub

There’s no dip like a dip in the ocean, or in a secluded swirling stream. But for those times when you can’t get into nature (and want warmer water), there’s Jacuzzi’s Arga tub.

Jacuzzi's Arga bathtub in nice bathroom with white marble floor and silver wallpaper

Featuring “Swirlpool” technology, Arga emulates the gentle, random oscillations of natural water, “an enveloping, heartfelt embrace, or that of full immersion in a silent creek, all while deeply connected with nature.”

Jacuzzi's Arga bathtub in open apartment with nighttime view of city visible through window

Arga simulates this experience with its finely-tuned flow, creating an even output and gentle swirling effect, in contrast to the harsh pressure of typical water-jets.

Jacuzzi's Arga bathtub empty tub front view with blue background

Jacuzzi’s new tub also offers intuitive infusion—formulated bath salts that are thoroughly mixed by the natural motion from the swirling jets.

Jacuzzi's Arga bathtub in bathroom with wood floor overlooking ocean

Other perks include pinpoint temperature control, near-silent whisper technology, and “illumatherapy”—a cascade of oscillating lights in different colors that suffuses the surrounding water. Lastly, Arga’s gentle, streamlined oval shape is comfortable for bathers—conducive to immersion and relaxation. See Jacuzzi for further information. And consult Designer Pages Media for another cool tub from Jacuzzi.

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