Edge Desk by Turri: Looks Great from any Angle

Edge Desk by Turri: Looks Great from any Angle

From the mind of Daniel Libeskind comes the Edge Desk by Turri, an eminently edgy desk concocted of the unlikely bedfellows of black glass and walnut shells.

Edge Desk by Turri side view

The metal frame on which the above adornments are hung remains hidden to the naked eye, so Edge appears merely as a juxtaposition of the glass and wood, divvied up in equal proportions between structure and surface.

Edge Desk by Turri front view on completely white background

And there’s lots of surface to be had here. In its intriguing and asynchronous configuration, Edge effectively provides five discrete modules, “resulting in something entirely unexpected, an exploded design that produces alternating and surprising full and empty spaces.”

Edge Desk by Turri view from above showing different modules

Beyond being a feast for the senses, Edge is an aesthetic tour de force, engineered to maintain the stark and simple contrast between wood and glass. The drawers, for example, remain flush when opened and disappear completely once closed.

Edge Desk by Turri close-up on drawers in closed position

Manufacturer Turri introduced Edge at this year’s Salone del Mobile. Find details here. And see Designer Pages Media for more work from Daniel Libeskind.

Posted November 26, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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