A New Diversion from Flos

A New Diversion from Flos

Piero Lissoni and Flos Architectural Lighting have collaborated on Diversion, a new system of interlocking modules that gives designers vast flexibility—to create “geometric, ribbon-like lines of light.”

Flos Diversion lighting linear and square suspended configuration in empty room

The genius of Diversion is its versatile joint mechanism. Single modules may be connected at any angle in the whole spectrum of 360 degrees, allowing linear, circular, and staggered configurations.

Flos Diversion lighting semi-flush mount, black housing in zig-zag configuration above wooden conference table in workspace with glass walls

Diversion may be mounted close to the ceiling or suspended. The system is also designed to work with Lissoni’s Atom Spotlight, as well as integrated downlights and uplights for both direct and indirect illumination.

Flos Diversion lighting semi-flush mount linear and angular configuration with downlights on white ceiling

Finishes include black, white, gray, and bronze. See Flos to find out more.

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