Instant Bathrooms with the Katerra Bath Kit

Instant Bathrooms with the Katerra Bath Kit

Katerra has reduced construction time and cost by reimagining bathroom delivery and installation with the Katerra Bath Kit.

Katerra Bath Kit cut away view of interior of box with all components visible

The Katerra Bath Kit is first and foremost an innovative packaging approach. Everything fits into a single crate in which no space is spared and nothing goes unused, even the walls of the crate become part of the bathroom wall.

Katerra Bath Kit rendering showing

All components are housed within: toilet, vanity, and flooring, as well as fixtures and finishes from Katerra’s new materials brand KOVA, which includes faucets, shower head, and sink and bath drains.

Katerra Bath Kit with open front panel showing components within along with a list of components

Further, the components are protected and the entire kit is wrapped for moisture protection, thus reducing costs owed to damage and loss.

Katerra Bathroom Kit a boxed kit descending from a crane into room for installation with construction worker in foreground

The Kit is also engineered for efficient installation. Components are installed in the order removed from the packaging. This not only saves time but space too, as the bathroom can be installed and finished by two people in less than a day.

Katerra Bath Kit finished bathroom with view of vanity, mirror, and partial view of toilet

The approach accrues multiple benefits: predictability, efficiency, reduced use of special trades (and consequent cost savings), as well as quality control and minimization of defects.

Katerra Bath Kit final assembled bathroom neutral tones glass shower wood laminate vanity

Nor are Katerra Bath Kits a one-size-fits all approach: a range of customized options is available. See Katerra to find out more. And see Designer Pages Media for more innovative construction strategies.

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