Known Colloquially as “Solar Carve,” the 145,500 sq. ft. structure at 40 Tenth Ave. in Chelsea not only provides a visually stunning and architecturally innovative new icon near the High Line, but also re-defines how we think about our structures’ relationships with the sun.

Studio Gang Solar Carve building long view with many people walking on High Line in foreground

On the heels of new findings (and intuitive certainty) that tall buildings can make cities into a cavernous and darkened drear—especially during winter—Studio Gang’s Solar Carve demonstrates how we can have our high-density multi-tower stories and our sunlight too.

Studio Gang Solar Carve building view from across river with building in center left of frame

The salient feature is the large diamond-shaped curtain wall (in turn made up of dozens of diamond-shaped glass facets) that dominates the south-facing side, described thusly by the architects: “Viewed straight-on from the Hudson River, 40 Tenth looks like a simple rectangle. Shift to the right or left, though, and the building cuts inward, creating a dramatic faceted facade.”

Studio Gang Solar Carve building close view during construction

The carved silhouette is modeled after the incident angles of the sun’s rays. This essentially allows the building to step out of the way of the sun, thus letting it shine through to the High Line beneath and “privileging light, fresh air, and river views to the public park.”

Studio Gang Solar Carve interior image with man looking out of faceted curtain wall

40 Tenth is also a LEED Gold certified structure, achieved in no small measure because of the low-reflectivity glass that reduces heat gains and cooling costs.

Studio Gang Solar Carve interior image with cafe tables and benches

The unique form also makes the interior pretty darn slick, with dynamic corner offices and invigorating, sun-filled open workspaces.

Studio Gang Solar Carve interior image with sofas, comfy chairs, and low tables with views of city in background

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Posted October 27, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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