100% Upcyled Ceramics by Granbyware

100% Upcyled Ceramics by Granbyware

Renown as birthplace of the Beatles, lovely Liverpool is again the origin of a new world-wide sensation: Granbyware Dinnerware.

Granbyware two plates blue and brown held up

If that sounds underwhelming, it’s only because you don’t know the details, for these comely plates and bowls are made of 100% upcycled materials.

Granbyware assortment of bowls and plates and one mug on top of pile of reclaimed materials

The production innovation is owed to the tireless efforts of the Granby Workshop artisans, as well as insights gleaned via ceramics chemistry, a craft and science of trial and error in which XRF analysis is used to find the ideal ingredients and the perfect recipe.

Granbyware assortment of plates and bowls filled with noodles and zucchini view from above

Aforesaid formula involves industrial clay waste, crushed glass, marble dust, refractory bricks, broken slates, and crushed tile, all re-purposed and re-integrated into Granbyware’s beautiful ceramics.

Granbyware raw materials shown in several different piles on green/blue background

The aesthetic is distinctive, with its raw clay exterior and shiny glazed inside: “We worked really hard to develop a clay composition that vitrifies when its fired, with water absorption of less than 0.5% so that the outsides can be unglazed and are still completely dishwasher safe.”

Granbyware close-up of large dinner plate in cobalt blue on top of blue crushed materials

This is an auspicious project, but it’s really just getting off the ground. To find out how you might lend a hand (because, let’s face it, the world really, really needs eco-endeavors like this), see Granbyware at Kickstarter. For additional information see Granby Workshop.

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