Barbican’s Acoustic Reflex Lighting Line

Barbican’s Acoustic Reflex Lighting Line

Now you can have your lovely fixture from Barbican and improve ambient noise too, courtesy of the Acoustic Reflex line.

Barbican Lighting Acoustic Reflex pendant light in two-tone black and green fabric

Barbican helpfully explains that the acoustic reflex is “an involuntary muscle contraction that occurs in the middle ear in response to high-intensity sound stimuli.” The new line aspires to provide the same degree of protection by outfitting fixtures with a layer of sound-absorptive felt—in 10 vibrant colors no less.

Barbican Acoustic Reflex line 10 color samples

The material adheres (there’s also a “sleeve” option that allows easy removal) to almost any fixture, thus doing the double duty of providing even and attractive LED illumination while also creating a more pleasing environment.

Barbican Acoustic Reflex Line cylindrical pendant in yellow fabric

The fabric may be installed in a single layer or doubled-up for a cool two-tone option. Check out Barbican to find out more.

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