A Workplace Retreat

A Workplace Retreat

It’s time to sit back and relax, even if you’re an “Executive,”—this is the message of the recent Retreat Executive Chair, by Bendtsen Design Associates for Allsteel.

Allsteel Retreat Executive Chair close-ups of two chairs in grey and blue

The chair does much to debunk the traditional depiction of power positions via “oversized, overstuffed status-symbol” executive chairs.

Allsteel Retreat Executive Chair seven chairs in different colors around conference table looking out window onto ocean

To the contrary, Retreat is as smooth and supple as the name suggests—evoking calm quietude yet still allowing for style and prestige.

Allstreet Retreat Executive chair four chairs in different colors mid-back and high-back styles

The Retreat Executive joins Allsteel’s Retreat Lounge, a congenial collection of comfy seating created for today’s dynamic and collaborative workspaces.

Allsteel Retreat Executive chairs three chairs in taupe with one lounge chair

See Allsteel for further details.

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