A Heavenly Workstation from Watson

A Heavenly Workstation from Watson

Clouds are an apt metaphor for Watson’s C9 (Cloud Nine) Workstation. Not only because its light and ephemeral aspect will have you feel like you’re walking on air, but also because of its affinity for asynchronous forms.

Watson C9 three worktops linked by rail system wood, gray, blue

This isn’t to say C9 can’t be linear. The connecting rail system, which is also the conduit for power and data, can be angled anywhere along the spectrum, from zero to 90, thus enabling “layouts tailored to the specific needs of a given individual and team, bending space to people and adapting to change with minimal disruption.”

Watson C9 interior view of rail system with data and power conduits

It’s a great solution for the challenges of the open office. Because it’s inherently flexible, C9 engenders an infinitude of spatial arrangement—“improving sightlines and helping people to flow more organically.”

Watson C9 overhead view with five worktops and connecting rail system with planters

If the rail is C9’s spine, the worktop is its heart. This is a sleek bit of Danish craftsmanship from Morten Nikolajsen.

Watson C9 desk in gray

Surrounding environs may be adorned with privacy screens, planters, personal storage, and team tables. There’s also a Collaborative Work Island option for breakout sessions and standing work.

To find out more, see Watson.

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