Water that Goes on Forever

Water that Goes on Forever

Talk about bringing water from on high, Isenberg’s Infinity Faucet is a new water delivery concept with a truly innovative aesthetic.

Isenberg Infinity Faucet two faucets for dual vanities

A slim and sleek wall-mounted piece, the 34”-long Infinity adorns the space alongside the mirror and above the vanity, before angling toward the basin and unleashing its mild torrent of lavatory water—creating a truly artistic design with a waterfall feel.

Isenberg Infinity Faucet in green to left of mirror

Infinity opens up all manner of artistic design possibilities. Both right- and left-side installations are possible, so it’s an excellent fit for dual vanities.

Isenberg Infinity Faucet two faucets with dual vanities close-up

Isenberg’s Infinity offers many finish options: polished chrome and brushed nickel, in addition to 20 eco-friendly corrosion-proof and scratch-resistant ceramic finishes in a variety of vibrant colors.

Check out the entire line at Isenberg.

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