Sit Back with Wilkhahn’s Intra Task Chair

Sit Back with Wilkhahn’s Intra Task Chair

A unique collection offering excellent functionality and an innovative aesthetic, Wilkhahn’s sublime Intra 295 sets a new standard for executive seating.

Wilkhahn Intra Task Chair red

While Intra may appear less “tech-y” than other task chairs, this is only because it conceals its functionality in an elegant and seamless design that’s both classic and contemporary.

Wilkhahn Intra Task Chair three chairs in different postures black upholstery

The chairs offer one continuous organic shape: from the subtle curves of the seat shell to the ever-so slight tilt of the back to the slick aluminum armrests, Intra’s personality is of a piece.

Wilkhahn Intra Task Chair four chairs profile view several colors

But the aesthetic belies Intra 295’s impressive functionality. With precision height adjustment and a synchronous seat adjustment mechanism, the Intra range “adapts automatically to people of different weights… all they need to do is sit down, adjust the seating height and get down to the job at hand.”

Wilkhahn Intra Chair in boardroom around table several chairs black upholstery

These features make Intra versatile and agile—adaptable and responsive to a variety of users in order to suit the realities of the contemporary workspace.

Wilkhahn Intra Chair several chairs around work table with orange upholstery

Intra’s broad appeal is augmented with many finish options, including three backrest heights, several bases, multiple frame materials, and a wide range of upholstery.

Wilkhahn Intra Task Chair detail of users relaxing in chair with black upholstery

Find out more at Wilkhahn.

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