Surface Solution: Stikwood

Surface Solution: Stikwood

An amazing surfacing solution for walls, Stikwood provides all the beauty of real wood surfaces without the difficult installation.

These thin wooden planks come standard with an adhesive backing. Simply peel and stick and voila!: beautiful walls of weathered wood.

Stikwood Weathered Wood Gray in bedroom

The products are 100% sustainable, with Weathered Wood reclaimed planks in seven distinct styles.

Stikwood Weathered Wood white in kitchen

These are beautiful and unique. Each piece offers history and character—“markings that tell the story of where the wood has been and add dimension and texture to the finished wall.”

Stikwood Weathered Wood detail gray

Stikwood also offers a Sustainable Wood line of eco-friendly planks, with choices including Black Cherry, Charcoal, and Caramelized Bamboo. See Stikwood to find out more.

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