Lucia Chandelier by Tracy Glover

Lucia Chandelier by Tracy Glover

Meet Lucia Chandelier, a beautiful constellation of seven glass lights by Tracy Glover. We thought we’d highlight lighting by a master glassblower in honor of the new Netflix program Blown Away, a glassblowing competition series that shows neophytes the difficulties of this ancient art.

seven glass pendants hanging at different levels in amber, plum, and gray glass colors

Pendants hang in a lovely array that mixes globe, barrel, and onion shapes in smooth or wrap patterns. Lucia can be monochromatic or kaleidoscopic. Tracy Glover offers more than 30 glass colors, ranging from soft celadon to bright berry.

seven handblown glass pendants in shades of blue and white sea glass

Different shapes, levels, colors, and canopies make the Lucia Chandelier a truly customizable piece. The glass pendants hang from metal downrods or flexible cords. All in all, the choices turn Lucia into a fun puzzle—highlighting the possibilities of glass.

handblown glass pendants in different colors and shapes hanging above cement floor with shadows visible on floor

Get more information at Tracy Glover.

Posted July 19, 2019 by Alicita Rodriguez

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