Vault for Vino

Vault for Vino

If the most important thing in your home vault is vino, then the Vinotemp BB Wine Vault is for you.

Vinotemp Wine Vault front view doors closed light gray

Equipped with Vinotemp’s 500CD Wine-Mate Cooling System, the vault keeps wine in a precision-controlled range of 50-65 degrees, while also maintaining ideal humidity.

Vinotemp Wine Vault doors open

Beyond the above signature feature, the Wine Vault also offers insulated doors with vapor barrier, stainless-steel pull handles and security locks, and an all-wood wine racking system with 3 5/8-in. cubicles.

Vinotemp Wine Vault interior detail with racks

The exterior is finished in cherry wood with an attractive light gray finish.

Vinotemp Wine Vault with doors closed light gray in kitchen

See Vinotemp for more information.

Posted June 21, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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