Underground Collection by Hastings Tile & Bath

Underground Collection by Hastings Tile & Bath

Hastings Tile & Bath consistently offers cutting-edge European bath furniture and fittings—including the new Underground Collection.

modern white bathroom with patterned black and white floor tile and light wood and matte black metal vanity

Characterized by clean lines and metal frames, the Underground Collection features matte black details and sleek geometry.

minimalist bathroom with wood vanity and storage featuring black metal accents

A combination of open and closed storage offers a place for everything, so people can display towels and trinkets or hide toiletries.

gray modern bath with light gray and black frame vanity and storage tower

Part of the appeal in the Underground Collection lies in the asymmetrical yet balanced compositions of the pieces. In conjunction with the range’s sumptuous finishes and black structures, the collection feels contemporary and architectural.

dark wood freestanding vanity with matte black metal frame and open bottom shelf

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