NeoCon 2019: Divy Mobile and Iltuo by 3form

NeoCon 2019: Divy Mobile and Iltuo by 3form

At NeoCon 2019, 3form is exhibiting multiple new products and additions to the company’s portfolio of performance materials, including Divy Mobile and Iltuo.

office lounge with circular tables, sofa, chairs, and two mobile room dividers

To accommodate open office plans and balance the need for privacy within collaborative spaces, 3form is offering options that can create partitions and dampen sound in larger workspaces.

Divy Mobile adds caters to 3form’s award-winning room partition: “On wheels, it creates flexible work space in an office or classroom.”

open modern music recording room with wood wall and sound-absorbing panels on wheels

With optional writeable surfaces and felt acoustic panels, Divy Mobile creates semi-private spaces while also controlling sound and enhancing collaboration. Another plus is the company’s Sola Felt, which is a 50% post-consumer recycled PET material available in 15 colors.

modern office with concrete floors and wood and ecoresin partition with half-walls

Iltuo also integrates partitions, acoustics, and smart materials. Iltuo is a room division system that incorporates 3form’s Varia Ecoresin material, which “promotes productivity while reducing noise.”

semi-private office with ecoresin partition walls featuring starburst pattern

Customizable and configurable, Iltuo is available from half-wall to floor-to-ceiling heights—or anything in between. With more than 250 Varia Ecoresin colors, Iltuo changes interiors subtly or dramatically. Iltuo also provides acoustic benefits with tackable Hush Bars made from 3form’s Sola Felt.

semi-private meeting space in open modern office with wood and resin half-wall partitions, table, and leather chairs

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