Durable Bamboo Decking by Déco

Durable Bamboo Decking by Déco

Of course! Bamboo decking! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. For purists who’ve grown jaded with the dearth of affordable, durable, natural materials for outdoor decks, Déco presents Panorama exterior bamboo.

Déco Panorama Bamboo Decking in garden dark color

Most are well aware of bamboo’s advantages. This affordable, rapidly renewable, ecologically savvy grass has emerged in recent years as an enticing option for indoor floors.

Déco Panorama Bamboo Decking dark in backyard

Now, thanks to Déco’s thermo-treatment process, bamboo is ripe for exterior use too.

Déco Panorama Outdoor Decking in modern home

The thermal compression makes the boards extra dense and durable—enhancing stability, protecting the surface, and conferring natural weather-proofing.

Déco Panorama Outdoor Decking light in garden

Panorama bamboo slats are available in light and dark shades. Its inherent resistance also recommends it for exterior siding. Contact Déco to find out more.

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