At NeoCon 2019: Vitra’s Dancing Wall

At NeoCon 2019: Vitra’s Dancing Wall

Here’s a cool contender sure to draw a crowd this week at NeoCon: Vitra’s Dancing Wall.

Vitra's Dancing Wall three versions open and closed shelves and partition

This movable marvel is a mobile partition with a solid wood base and wheels. The castors enable quick and easy movement, while the solidity of the base keeps things stable, especially given the short length of the castor extensions.

Vitra's Dancing Wall base detail with power infrastructure

In this case, stability is a good thing, because dancing wall is modular to the max. Vitra likens it to a “vertical work space,” as the options are many and varied: bookshelf, TV unit, cloakroom, plant wall, and room divider with whiteboards and pinboards.

Vitra's Dancing Wall two versions plant wall and pinboard

The quick-change and easy-move aspect make Dancing Wall ideal for this moment of open, flexible workspaces that occasionally cry out for a bit of privacy.

Vitra's Dancing Wall plant wall and open storage side by side

Since it functions as either open storage or a completely cloaked partition, Dancing Wall can create impromptu spaces for any need—be it collaborative or more focused.

Vitra's Dancing Wall full partition on three sides with conference table in center

Check out the Vitra showroom (#1192) at NeoCon and read more about dancing wall at Vitra.

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