Watson’s Seven Workbench Hits the Right Numbers

Watson’s Seven Workbench Hits the Right Numbers

Watson’s Seven Workbench is a uniquely adaptable and versatile piece with a slim, modern aesthetic.

Watson's Seven Workbench side by side worktops with slate colored screens

Featuring an integrated data/voice/power raceway beneath the worktop, Seven is uniquely attuned to the technological needs of today’s dynamic workspaces.

Watson's Seven Workbench raceway and cable management detail

Vertical cable managers are also incorporated into Seven’s sit/stand function—designed to accommodate the height-adjustable desk's range of motion.

Watson Seven Workbench six worktops in open office setting

Seven offers multiple modular components: various spine screen styles, different edge profiles, and several edge panel options.

Watson Seven Workbench two surfaces with integrated towers and ellipse worktop style

Three switch configurations for controlling height are available as well, including a "Wellness" option that even gives a calories burned readout.

Watson Seven Workbench detail of different control switches

Different worktop finishes and screen fabrics complete the picture. See Watson to find out more. And check out Designer Pages Media for more functional furniture from Watson.

Posted May 3, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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