m.a.d. design’s Roto Stool is Great for Healthcare

m.a.d. design’s Roto Stool is Great for Healthcare

m.a.d. design's Roto Stool is a light, slick little piece that’s great for healthcare environments.

m.a.d. design's Roto Stool six stools in various colors

Made of molded plastic, Roto is easy to move and even easier to clean. Additionally, it’s interchangeably a side table with a flat top, as seen by simply flipping it over.

m.a.d. design's Roto Stool several stools in various colors piled atop one another

As a stool, Roto provides a pleasantly supporting curvature to accommodate your posterior.

m.a.d. design's Roto Stool four stools in different colors

And Roto also offers multiple colors, so it helps brighten the surrounding environment of doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, and hospitals.

m.a.d. design's Roto Stool with bar stool model five different stools

Roto is also available as a barstool. Find out more at m.a.d. design. And see Designer Pages Media for more hygienic healthcare furniture.

Posted May 3, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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