Check Out the Wily Wilkhahn Occo Side Chair

Check Out the Wily Wilkhahn Occo Side Chair

The Wilkhahn Occo Side Chair (SC), designed by jehs + laub, is a worthy addition to the company's 221 line of chairs and tables. Think of this slim, light little chair as a lithe and eminently functional sibling to 221’s larger armchairs.

Wilkhahn Occo Side Chair side view of two chairs in white

SC expands the collection’s range of aesthetic and pragmatic options. The chair’s slim profile and distinctive cutout design “offer superior comfort and enable the adoption of different postures.”

Wilkhahn Occo Side Chair four chairs with charcoal upholstery and white shell in conference setting

The new chair is versatile as well. SC can be used for break-out meetings and conference rooms, cafés and canteen spaces. Its portability also makes it a go-to piece for seminars, presentations, and other educational venues.

And in the spirit of variety, Wilkhahn offers SC in multiple colors and different upholstery fabrics: “we’ve doubled the options available for the Occo ‘seat kit’ to 192—a perfect combination of variety and identity.”

Base options include glides and swivel castors. See Wilkhahn for specifying info.

Posted May 13, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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