Lumid’s Lovely Litany of Custom Chandeliers

Lumid’s Lovely Litany of Custom Chandeliers

“Industrial Designer Dominique Alary seeks out the unusual, the challenging and complex.”

Lumid Chandelier McKinley Mall

The proof to that pudding is in the myriad number of complex chandelier installations that Lumid and Alary have achieved over the years, like the marvelous McKinley Mall (Buffalo, NY) chandelier pictured above and below.

Lumid Chandelier McKinley Mall Detail

The Restaurant Le Montréal Chandelier is another. This one resembles a ship’s prow, sailing across the ceiling’s surface with an unremitting and captivating glow.

Lumid Chandelier at Restaurant Le Montreal

The lovely nimbus of light taking the breath away at Virgil’s Real BBQ Restaurant in Atlantis, Bahamas is another Lumid creation. This one has a dynamic and invigorating aspect, creating an illusion of motion as it distributes its sedate yet beguiling amber illumination throughout the space.

Lumid Chandelier at Virgil's Restaurant in Atlantis, Bahamas

Last but not least, the custom chandelier at the Galeries d’Anjou Mall in Montreal is comprised of thin shafts of LEDs, grouped to resemble a cascading curtain of glass.

Lumid Chandelier at Galeries d'Anjou Mall in Montreal

Lumid provides custom lighting installations as well as multi-media features, video-driven installations, fountains, sculptures, and interactive architectural features. The company also offers an array of standard products for consumers. Find out more at Lumid.

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