Luscious Levers: The Latest from Zietta Clara

What makes a lever “luscious”? Stacie Isabella Turk, founder of Zietta Clara—a manufacturer of beautifully tactile door knobs, cabinet knobs, and closets pulls—has the answer: “It’s uniquely shaped so it feels wonderful to the touch, it’s sculpted by hand, and it’s made of glass, of course.”
Zietta Clara Luscious Lever cylindrical with curved shaft
The “Luscious Levers” alluded to above comprise the latest addition to the Zietta Clara line: “the first all clear collection and the first of all levers.” These levers are not only luscious but lovely—languorous and logical too, however much those adjectives might seem contradictory. This is to say that the new pieces convey the bare beauty of transparency, while also evoking a luxe look.
Zietta Clara Luscious Lever Collection single rectangular
Zietta Clara Luscious Lever Collection manufacturing process
Prior to the transparent transcendence of the Luscious Lever collection, Turk and Zietta Clara created Originale, Ice, and Pebble. These three distinctive collections all offer their own take on color and texture, solidity and implied internal space. Turk offers insight into the inherent variety of each piece, as well as the creative process that manifests as finished product: “each design had its own visual inspiration—cream dropped into coffee… tortoise shell sunglasses on the dash of a car… buttons on a vintage sweater.”
Zietta Clara Luscious Lever knobs on kitchen cabinet doors
This list of seemingly haphazard (yet palpably memorable) referents is a potent example of Turk’s inspiration: items/phenomena whose visual and tactile essence she aspires to capture in her work. These mesmerizing “Hot Squares” pulls from the Ice collection (pictured above) and these sublime knob samples from the Pebble collection (below) are a case in point.
Zietta Clara Luscious Levers samples from Pebble Collectioin
The new pieces are simple and elegant and a fitting companion to the existing hand-sculpted lines. They are appropriate for residential venues but also a wonderful option for Hospitality. Zietta Clara glass is finished with hand-carved bronze metal hardware offered in custom plating. A titanium steel polished nickel option is also available for an even more contemporary style. All products are custom made to order in the U.S. Read more here. And see Designer Pages Media for more about Zietta Clara.

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