Multi-Use Chairs from ICF

Set a mood with these versatile, inviting, and stackable multi-use chairs by Hans Thygge for Randers + Radius and ICF.
ICF Multi-Use Mood Chair many chairs in conference setting
Recent winner of the German Design Award Special Mention for Excellence in Product Design, the Mood multi-use chairs are classically sculpted with Beautiful, subtle details.
ICF Mood Multi-Use Chairs multiple colors
The Mood Chair also offers various features that enhance the sitting experience: a textured seat reduces forward sliding and slouching; a slight “waterfall” edge enhances the angle between legs and upper body; and an ergonomic support helps maintain the all-important lumbar curve.
ICF Mood Multi-Use Chair seat detail
Mood is a reliable multi-use performer that works in a variety of venues. It stacks eight on the floor or twenty on a dolly. Options include many colors and finishes for both seat and back (including Unika Vaev fabric). There are also wood base and bar height versions.
ICF Mood Multi-Use Chairs in restaurant orange/tan upholstery
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