KI’s Educational Furniture Transforms Learning

KI’s Educational Furniture Transforms Learning

Manufacturer KI found a welcoming home for much of their line of educational furniture recently from a most unlikely demographic—middle school students.

Administrators at South Newton Middle School in Kentland, Indiana decided to re-configure the library/media center in a way to suit student needs. By integrating dynamic, comfortable, and portable pieces they transformed the space, meeting the not insignificant goal of stimulating participation and learning.

KI pieces in the space include the comfy and cool My Way Lounge, the space-agey Connection Zone privacy booths, the Strive Stacking Chairs and Bar Stools, and the Pirouette Tables.

According to Principal Tansey Mulligan, the makeover has completely changed the look, feel, and functionality of the space, “The media center has now become the absolute hub of our school buildings.”

See KI for their entire line of forward-thinking educational furniture.

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