Mamagreen Industrial Series

Mamagreen Industrial Series

MAMAGREEN's Industrial Series of outdoor furnishings is beautiful and burly-perhaps an odd combination but one that's smart, sustainable, and certainly befitting of the land down under.


The calling card of this Australia-based outfit is recycled teak, "reclaimed from neglected construction and buildings that are no longer in use."


For the Industrial Series, tabletops of teak are constructed of post-production laminate leftovers, maximizing resource use while simultaneously creating the collection's appealing patchwork aesthetic.

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Bases are made of either galvanized steel or recycled powder-coated aluminum in red, yellow, green, black, or white.


MAMAGREEN has parlayed this simple, enduring combination of wood and metal into a varied assortment of robust outdoor furnishings: square and rectangular tops; back-less and high-backed stools; chairs, benches, low tables, and lounges.

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For additional information, see MAMAGREEN.

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