NeoCon 2017: Massimo Vignelli’s Soft Touch Rocker

NeoCon 2017: Massimo Vignelli’s Soft Touch Rocker

Partial to the "soft touch"? Want to give your workspace a splash of vintage panache and timeless functionality? Welcome to Massimo Vignelli's Soft Touch Rocker.


Launched by New York-based Heller at last week's NeoCon, the Vignelli Soft Touch Rocker was the renowned designer's final chair. A great hit at the show, Soft Touch displays the kind of visionary modernism he was known for.

Vignelli Blue

The piece belies expectations. At first glance, it seems a simple stationary chair. Only once users come forward and interact, do they discover the subtle architecture that facilitates its ineffable oscillation-the gentle rocking that earns its spot-on moniker. Vignelli famously said, "design should be visually powerful, intellectually elegant, and above all, timeless.” The Soft Touch Rocker achieves all three.

Vignelli Rocking Chair

UV-treated, the Vignelli Soft Touch Rocker is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Available colors include red, blue, black, and light grey. For additional information, contact Heller.

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