NeoCon 2017: HOVR

NeoCon 2017: HOVR

By now, everyone knows that sitting has been vilified as the new smoking. However, more research has shown that the bugaboo isn't necessarily sitting but rather lack of movement. HOVR addresses sedentarism by encouraging movement while in a seated position.

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Essentially a simple swing for your feet, HOVR-2017 Interior Design HiP at NeoCon Awards Honoree-is comprised of a metal rod with dual foot pads joined to webbing that attaches to the underside of any desk.


Alternatively, users may prefer a floor-mounted model that enables transfer from one workstation-or any chair or lounge-to another.


HOVR encourages a natural rocking motion. Requiring no mental engagement or distraction, this motion is comparable to the intuitive movement prompted by a spinning chair. Users simply move their legs and hips-back and forth, side to side, in simple circles or semi-circles. The possibilities for different motions are virtually endless.

In promoting this instinctual movement, HOVR assists users to burn calories and stay mentally alert, reducing stress, improving joint health, and enhancing overall workplace performance.

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For additional information, see HOVR.

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