Ebb and Flow by Camira

Ebb and Flow by Camira

Ebb and Flow provide two vinyl options with proven performance. Part of the healthcare line by Camira, these two fabrics are engineered to protect against spills, stains-and germs.

Flow Left

Equipped with SILVERGUARD, which provides germ-fighting defense through advanced silver ion technology, Ebb and Flow are proven to resist germs, an obvious advantage in healthcare settings.


Both vinyls also use PERMABLOK3, a treatment that protects against spills and stains "while enhancing abrasion resistance." Ebb and Flow are also water repellant and bleach cleanable.

Ebb Side

Besides performance, Ebb and Flow offer unparalleled stylistic choices, thanks to their colorways. Ebb, which has a textured and metallic effect, comes in neutral, elegant, and industrial colors like dark gray Gadget, purple Very, and blue Sonic. Flow, a soft vinyl with a matte finish, also offers a broad palette, including House, Stop, and Inferno, a trio of red/magenta hues that really pop.


For more information, visit www.camirafabrics.com.

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