Panelite’s ClearShade IGU Exterior Glazing

Panelite’s ClearShade IGU Exterior Glazing

Panelite's ClearShade IGU Series is an exterior glazing product that achieves the oft-sought objective of the best of both worlds.

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

While most glazing solutions favor either daylighting or solar heat control-"focusing on one at the expense of the other"-ClearShade IGU optimizes both. The product's innovative honeycomb structure simultaneously transmits and diffuses daylight, mitigates glare, and reduces solar gain.


The net effect is improved passive interior lighting and reduced cooling load, which translates to substantial energy savings.


Panelite provides a plethora of functional and aesthetic options: varied degrees of visual transparency, a range of architectural colors for both the interior honeycomb insert and glass panels, customized dimensions, and specialized coatings-including acid-etched low-e coated glass and ceramic frit patterns.


ClearShade IGU has provided the architectural glazing solution for auspicious and varied projects across the country, including a seminary in Pasadena, a technology campus in Chicago, and a performing arts center in Minnesota.



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