Neolith by TheSize Surfaces

Neolith by TheSize Surfaces


by TheSize is a solid surface material that mimics natural stone-without any resin component. This means that the designs, colors, and veining in Neolith will never yellow or fade, making it ideal for kitchens.


Available in both large slab and tile formats, Neolith comes in a beautiful array of stone patterns, including white Calacatta and translucent Onyx. Darker options are also captivating, such as inky Nero Marquina and chocolaty Pulpis.


Neolith is a brand of sintered stone-and if you haven't heard of sintered stone yet, it's time for an introduction. Essentially a manufactured version of igneous rock, sintered stone is created by applying heat and pressure to minerals until they bind together.


What you get is a solid surface that's impermeable, hygienic, light, easy to clean-and resistant to water, high and freezing temperatures, UV rays, scratches, and bending. In fact, sintered stone was originally developed for exterior cladding.


If you want to see how Neolith performs in the kitchen, see this video with chefs wielding everything from butcher knives to blowtorches.

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