Snowdrop Pendant by Innermost

Snowdrop Pendant by Innermost

The brainchild of Stone Designs and manufacturer Innermost, Snowdrop is a beautiful and bright aluminum pendant.

Snowdrop 3

The Snow in snowdrop seems to originate from the bulbous diffusing sphere-emerging from the candy-colored shell of the vibrant surrounding shade.

Snowdrop 4

Snowdrop has been likened to "manga, cartoons, and emoji." For me, the ensemble evokes a familiar March scene, when eager blooms of spring bulbs are flanked with sticky, clinging snow.

Snowdrop 5

Whatever the metaphor, Snowdrop possesses an unmistakable aesthetic. Modern and retro at once, the pendant is vivacious and engaging-right at home in hip hospitality venues or chic shops.

Snowdrop 2

Contact Innermost for additional information or to specify your preferred shade among Snowdrop's six captivating colors. And don't forget to inquire about an enticing promotion: up to 25% off the Snowdrop and Dent collections while stocks last and until the end of March.

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