New Styles from Móz Designs

New Styles from Móz Designs

Custom metal fabricators Móz recently added three styles to their existing product line.

Blendz Colorsjpg

A new addition to the Blendz line, Blendz Patina expands on the original concept with four new colors.

Blendz 1 jpg

These distressed aluminum panels provide artistic interest and textural allure.


Winner of the GlobalShop IIDA Product Design Competition, Engravings is the newest line of metal surfaces.

Engravings Samples jpg

Móz' proprietary carving process creates wondrous transformations-the Engravings line offers everything from geometrical brick work to the random wanderings of tree trunk striations.

Engravings 1jpg

Lastly, Gradients is an aluminum or corrugated aluminum product with an ombre effect.

Gradients 1jpg

Colors combine in a lustrous, hypnotic intermingling.

Gradients 2jpg

Móz Metal Panels are suitable for a wide range of contract, hospitality, and residential projects. Applications include-but are not limited to-decorative columns, flat wall cladding, dimensional walls, room dividers, and tables. The work has been featured in multiple venues including offices, airports, schools, restaurants, and retail.


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