Annex by Spec

Annex by Spec

Spec Furniture's Annex Table is a cool, collaborative piece with a classic design.

Spec Furniture Annex Table 42H

The burly, beefy steel base is simplicity defined. In fact, the familiar X-shape of the table's bottom half evokes the iconic picnic table.


The aesthetic gives the piece high points for the fun factor, but Annex is also extraordinarily functional. With a variety of heights, depths, and lengths, Annex can accommodate multiple working conditions: sitting or standing, solo or collaborative. The largest size (42" deep by 96" long) even makes an excellent conference table.

Spec Furniture Annex Table 30H

Additional features include easy shipping and assembly (the two bases + stretcher is standard), and a 2" built-up edge. Options include custom power and communication modules, wide selection of tabletop laminates, choice of 38 2MM bio edge colors, and 76 Spectone base colors. For specifying information, contact Spec.

Posted March 7, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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