PS 2017 Vase by Iina Vuorivirta for Ikea

PS 2017 Vase by Iina Vuorivirta for Ikea

The PS 2017 Vase continues last week's theme of creating with castoffs.


Designed by Iina Vuorivirta for Ikea, the marbled vase is constructed by chance: "Despite all vases being mouth-blown in the same mold, they get a unique look because the melted glass is made of various shades of leftover material."

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Part of the PS 2017 Collection, which is made for "fiercely independent" people, PS 2017 Vase illustrates the feasibility of producing unique, eco-friendly furniture and accessories-on any scale.


Green design is not just for limited-edition pieces. If Ikea can mass-produce this vase, then companies large and small can follow suit.

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Posted February 18, 2017 by Alicita Rodriguez

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