Dalili Collection by Eskayel

Dalili Collection by Eskayel

Meaning “omen” in Swahili, Dalili is the newest collection in Brooklyn-based design company Eskayel’s portfolio of patterned wallpapers. The name is fitting considering that the new series celebrates the discovery and future of three up-and-coming designers.


Designers Briana DeVoe White, Tor Sauder, and Madison Stirling have been working with Shanan Campanaro, an artist and owner of Eskayel, for several years, and Campanaro only found it logical to work with the women on creating new designs in a variety of colorways that complement the brand. Campanaro challenged each one to take a personal story and turn it into a graphic pattern.


Each pattern is available in either wallpaper or fabric and ranges from $150 a yard for fabric and $275 for a roll of wallpaper.


For more information visit Eskayel.com.

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