Triad by Janus et Cie

Triad by Janus et Cie

California-based Janus et Cie offers lots of stylish options for contract markets, including its indoor-outdoor Triad seating. A simple starburst with three points, the design of Triad enables people to gather together or sit alone, thus increasing seating arrangements in public spaces.

Triad by Janus et Cie

Triad combines powder-coated aluminum and JANUSfiber, a handmade, 100% recyclable weave of natural and synthetic materials that stands up to weather and time. Resistant to ultra-violet light, moisture, and microorganisms, JANUSfiber will neither tear nor fade.

Janus et Cie location  896 Toro Canyon Rd

Available in four organic colors-Limestone, Palladium, Bamboo Green, and Bronze-Triad illustrates why Janus et Cie is "the definitive source for enduring site, garden and casual furnishings."


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