Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair

Safco’s Zenergy Ball Chair

Education product and specialty manufacturer Safco and designer Thomas Walser offer the Zenergy Ball Chair. Designed to offset some of the deleterious effects of sitting, Zenergy promotes active movement from within the sitting posture.


Zenergy is a 17.5" inflatable exercise ball wrapped-up in a handsome vinyl mesh cover. The ensemble manifests as an intriguing ovoid perched atop four spiffy powder-coated legs with stationary glides. The seat comes with a pump-enabling precision inflation and adjustments for user preference, weight, and height.


Zenergy's slight instability helps users activate major muscle groups as they sit-engaging legs, back, and core to improve posture and "help combat the negative effects of inactivity."


Zenergy is great for classroom environments: it promotes just the right degree of movement to stave off the fidgets without allowing things to get out of hand.


Six color options are available. For further information, see Safco.

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