Liquid Oranges’ Architectural Laminated Art Glass

Liquid Oranges’ Architectural Laminated Art Glass

Reese Schroeder of liquidoranges has a vision: "The integration of art with architecture through glass."


In 2009, at the architectural trade show Build Boston, the artist/architect achieved a prototype of computer-generated art laminated within architectural safety glass.


Liquid Oranges now produces this Architectural Laminated Art Glass as original works of art incorporated into glass that serves an architectural function-floors, walls, doors, counter tops, ceilings, and furniture.


For Schroeder, the synthesis of these oftimes disparate disciplines elevates both, removing art from ornamentalism as it encourages immersion into one's architectural surroundings.


Schroeder's architectural art panels have been commissioned for various hospitality venues, as ceiling panels, bar tops, privacy screens, and entryways.


For more information, contact liquidoranges.

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