Foscarini’s Aplomb Large Makes Quite an Entrance

Foscarini’s Aplomb Large Makes Quite an Entrance

Manufacturer Foscarini and Italian design firm LucidiPevere present Aplomb Large-a visually stunning update of Foscarini's earlier Aplomb Suspension Lamp.


The first incarnation of this innovative concrete lamp resembled an upside-down cone. This latest version retains the material but turns it on its figurative head-slimming and smoothing the silhouette into a pencil-thin plate form.


Together with its long, slim suspension cable, Aplomb Large establishes an otherworldly effect, evoking the iconic form of a hovering UFO.


Aplomb also makes great use of the even illumination supplied by LEDs. Casting a pleasant, uniformly dispersed glow, the LEDs heighten the extra-terrestrial effect, creating the illusion of a bona-fide alien landing.


Aplomb Large is available in white, gray, and brown. See Foscarini for further information.

Posted December 22, 2016 by Joseph Starr

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