Design Miami 2016: Vine by Jeff Zimmerman

Design Miami 2016: Vine by Jeff Zimmerman

One of various unique light sculptures by master glass artist Jeff Zimmerman, Vine combines handblown glass and brass branches. The globes are made of various translucencies, from virtually clear to cloudy white, each with round openings revealing the bulbs within.


The sinuous brass and organic spheres call to mind flowers growing on a vine or planets spinning within space. Given the opaline glass, Zimmerman's forms also resemble a bloom of moon jellies.


The different shapes of each orb get across the mutability of Zimmerman's material-as glass "hovers between liquid and solid states...evok[ing] a dimension of experience where things are happening that we can feel but not necessarily define." I can attest to this quality of glass, having failed miserably in glassblowing class, because I couldn’t accept the changeability of the material. The beauty of expert glass artists like Zimmerman is that they know how to surrender to the glass.


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