Design Miami 2016: La Crypte de Velours Bleu by Frida Fjellman

Design Miami 2016: La Crypte de Velours Bleu by Frida Fjellman

An artist or designer can alter our perception of everyday things by playing with scale. For example, the life-sized Horse Lamp by Front challenges our notion of the lamp as a decorative object. With La Crypte de Velours Bleu, Swedish artist Frida Fjellman enlarged prismatic glass chandeliers to great effect.


Although part of the Hostler Burrows booth, Fjellman displayed her work in a room of her own, intensifying the surrealistic nature of the pendants. Hung within their blue velvet chamber, the lights transport us into some enchanted fairy tale where giants drape themselves in gargantuan baubles, making us feel as small as Alice.


In La Crypte de Velours Bleu, which translates as The Blue Velvet Crypt, Fjellman hung the chandeliers "in clusters to create an immersive environment." That environment revives our sense of childhood wonder because, in walking through the space, we feel miniaturized—increasing our awe exponentially.


But the whole of the installation should not diminish the charm of its individual parts. "Inspired by precious gems," the faceted pieces of Fjellman's lights are each captivating. From ruby to sapphire, translucent to opaque, the suspended polygons are each baroque beauties.


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